Other watersports To enjoy on the Dyfi Estuary

SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding) by Let's SUP based at here at the Club. Paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular both worldwide and more locally. Paddle boarding provides an excellent alternative activity for low wind days and is also a great way to explore more of the Dyfi estuary at a slightly slower pace. Given the right conditions, the basics of this sport are easily mastered and it is therefore a popular choice for all the family. Many members have boards and we are responding to this by planning to create bespoke racking to allow easy access to the water.

If you are an absolute beginner, want to improve your skills or take a tour please visit  www.letssup.co.uk for details of the sessions they offer and to ask for any advice needed. They also offer a generous 25% discount to DYC member. Sessions are run from the clubhouse.


Aberdyfi Rowing Club,

We operate from our base  close to DYC and row 24’ long Celtic longboats, with four rowers (each with one oar) and a cox. We have three of these traditional Welsh boats with fixed seats and we use these for races around the coast of Wales.
As well as the longboats, we also row a smaller Teifi Skiff, with 2 rowers and a cox. This also has fixed seats but each rower has 2 oars. Lastly we also have French-designed sliding seat boats called Yoles that we use for international races as well as for fun. Each rower in these boats usually has two oars (called sculls, just to be confusing). We have one Yole for a single rower and two doubles. 

The Rowing Club are delighted to announce a discounted membership rate exclusive to DYC full members .We believe that as we are all "like minded" water sport enthusiasts , perhaps you would , like us, enjoy the opportunity to exercise , increase your fitness & have fun on the water with your neighbours` in the rowing club - & of course ideal when there is little wind for sailing !!
The 33% discounted rate will be £50 per person per annum , exclusive only to full DYC members .
 Pandemic allowing!!!
Aberdyfi Rowing Club

Aberdyfi Rowing Club website here



Open Water Swimming

Swimming in the big outdoors has grown in popularity in recent years, due to its ability to provide a full-body workout.  It’s also a great way to de-stress in beautiful surrounding and there’s nowhere more beautiful than the Dyfi estuary. 
It doesn’t matter if you enjoy open-water swimming for relaxation or as part of a training regime for a triathlon. And where better to relax after an invigorating swim than Dovey Yacht Club. When we are allowed to open We have changing rooms and hot showers, not to mention facilities for making hot and cold drinks and bar with a balcony that offers the best views in West Wales!

With some basic tidal planning, swimming in the Dyfi estuary can become very accessible to outdoor swimmers. If you are a competent outdoor swimmer, but not comfortable with tidal planning feel free to seek advice from Mike, founder of Aberdovey Swim, on mike@weswimrun.org. To enter one of the Aberdovey Swim events please visit aberdoveyswim.co.uk. For details of a local swim group check out the facebook page Dysynni & Dyfi Dippers


Do you own a powered craft: a RIB, ski boat, fishing boat, a small boat with an outboard engine or a jet-ski? If you do, the Dyfi estuary is a wonderful place to enjoy your boating activities. 
The sheltered waters of the Dyfi estuary are ideal for fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding and generally messing about in small boats. If you’re feeling more adventurous you can explore the coast of Cardigan Bay where you may be lucky enough to see our resident populations of dolphins, seals and other marine life.
You can launch powered craft from the Church Bay slipway, next to the Harbourmasters Office. The Harbourmaster will provide you with full information about fees and access. He will also be able to help you if you want to keep your boat on a mooring on the estuary, be it your own mooring or a guest mooring. 

We have a number of members who are keen kitesurfers, windsurfers and kayakers. All are welcome in the club.

Fun for all the family....